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KitchenCraft Planters new
multi-purpose baskets made
using super-fast growing and 100% sustainable water hyacinth, seagrass and bamboo
  1. Striped water hyacinth 11.5cm x 11.5cm x 11cm KCWHPLANTER
2. Ombré bamboo 12cm x 12cm x 11.5cm KCBBPLANTER
   3. Seagrass with handles 11cm x 11cm x 19cm KCSGHPLANTER
4. Rainbow seagrass 11cm x 11cm x 11cm KCSGPLANTER
  5. Terracotta face 10cm x 10cm x 11cm KCTFPLANTER
6. Abstract face 10cm x 10cm x 11cm KCAFPLANTER
8. Blue happy face 10cm x 10cm x 11cm KCBFPLANTER
7. Green ombré face 10cm x 10cm x 11cm KCGFPLANTER

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