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 Sink Solutions
  MasterClass Dish Brush
Ergonomic non-slip grip for efficient cleaning. Non-scratch bristles ideal for non-stick pots and pans. Tagged. MCDBRUSH
MasterClass Soap Dispensing Palm Scrubbing Brush
Sturdy palm-held brush that releases liquid soap at the touch of a button when washing. With a no-leak easy to fill soap section and non-slip grip even when wet. Tagged. MCSOAPPBRUSH
    non-slip even when wet
button releases liquid soap as you wash
non-scratch ideal for non-stick cookware
  MasterClass Bottle Brush
Long length design makes light work of cleaning narrow bottles, tall glasses and cups. Ergonomic non-slip grip even when wet. Tagged.
 non-scratch bristles suitable for use with delicate glassware
Innovative designs with smart
features for an enhanced user experience that makes cleaning more efficient.

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