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Cleaning Solutions
Mushroom Brush
Wooden handled. Display boxed. KCMUSHBRUSH
KitchenCraft Bleached Cotton Jug Mop Traditional mop head. KCJMOPBLE
Colourworks Brights Anti-Bacterial Kitchen Scourers
A counter top display with twenty-four assorted coloured scourers. With soft flexible fins that won’t scratch or damage pots and pans and a firmer side for baked-on dirt. Individually tagged. CWSCRUBDISP24
Vegetable Brush
With hanging hook. Carded. KCVEGBRUSH
      KitchenCraft Stainless Steel
Ceramic Hob Scraper
1. Scraper with three blades, blister packed KCCERSCRAP
2. Five replacement blades, blister packed KCCERSCRAPBLD
     reverse for baked-on dirt
  MasterClass Stainless Steel
Rub-Away Bar
Eliminates odours from hands when used as soap. Display boxed. KC8402
KitchenCraft Stainless Steel
Finger Fresh Bar
Removes odours from hands without soap – never needs replacing. Blister packed. KCFRESH
soft flexible fins

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