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   KitchenCraft Serenity Counter Top Storage
Lightweight steel bodies with herringbone pattern mango wood lids. Airtight seals keep contents fresher for longer. 12.5cm x 12.5cm x 15cm.
Gift tagged.
   1. Tea canister
mix and match with marble and natural wood accessories
2. Coffee canister
  mango wood lid
 KitchenCraft Serenity Utensil Holder
Lightweight, large capacity steel body for holding a variety of kitchen utensils. 16cm x 16cm. Gift tagged. KCSERUTENGRY
utensils not included
3. Sugar canister
  KitchenCraft Serenity Bread Bin
Lightweight steel body with a herringbone pattern, mango wood lid. Airtight seal keeps contents fresher for longer. Designed for upright use
for space effective counter top storage.
21.5cm x 24.5cm. Gift tagged.
herringbone pattern lid
 airtight seal

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