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 Bring bright colour to tea times
Drinking Moments
Tea Pots
The London Pottery Company Hi-T Stoneware teapot with infuser bears
a fresh design from pioneering ceramist and pottery artisan, David Birch. It's a modern take on the loose-leaf teapot, with a minimalist, conical shape. The high-grade stainless- steel tea filter allows all your favourite flavours
from loose leaves to steep and infuse, but without escaping into your mug,
for a smooth and superior- tasting cup of tea. The Hi-T infuser teapot's stoneware lid doubles up as a drip tray for the filter basket. Simply stand the basket on the
lid, and it'll catch any drips, leaving you with less mess.
Beautifully designed packaging, making London Pottery teapots and mugs very giftable items.
Hi-T Filter Teapot 2 cup: 78202
4 cup: 78402
Hi-T Filter Teapot 2 cup: 78203
4 cup: 78403
Hi-T Filter Teapot 2 cup: 78202
4 cup: 78404
Hi-T Filter Teapot 2 cup: 78205
4 cup: 78405
4 Cup
Hi-T Filter Teapot 9.2”x5”x5.6”
(235 x 129 x 142mm) 35.2 fl oz (1000 ml) Packed in 1. Closed box
Hi-T teapot dimensions and capacities
2 Cup
Hi-T Filter Teapot 8”x4.2”x4.8”
(205 x 107 x 122mm) 22.8 fl oz (650 ml) Packed in 1. Closed box

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