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Beautifully designed packaging, making London Pottery teapots and mugs very giftable items.
Splash Blue Globe Mug 5.1”x3.4”x3.5"
(130 x 87 x 90mm) 10.5 fl oz (300 ml) Packed in 4. Swing tag C001009
Splash Blue Small Jug 5.2”x5.3”x3.7"
(132 x 136 x 95mm) 15.2floz (430ml) Packed in 1. Swing tag C001004
Splash Blue
2 Cup Globe Teapot 7.2”x4.7”x4.3"
(185 x 120 x 110mm)
17.6 fl oz (500 ml)
Packed in 1. Closed box C001007
Splash Blue Medium Jug 5.6”x6”x3.9"
(143 x 153 x 100mm) 20.2floz (575ml) Packed in 1. Swing tag C001005
Splash Blue
4 Cup Globe Teapot 8.8”x5.7”x5.3"
(225 x 145 x 135mm)
35.2 fl oz (1000 ml) Packed in 1. Closed box C001008
Splash Blue Large Jug 8”x9”x4.7"
(205 x 230 x 120mm) 39.5floz (1125ml) Packed in 1. Swing tag C001006
  The Iconic Globe teapot takes on a splash of colour with this colourful collection from London Pottery. Available in paint splashes of blue, green and red, the collection features the Globe teapot with coordinating teatime pieces, designed to stand out on their own, or to sit together as part of a complete kitchen set.

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