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                  MEETING TIME
by Michael Cusortelli • Photos by Amber Martin, NMHBA
The New Mexico Horse Breeders’ Association held a “Town Hall”-style meeting at Ruidoso Downs in July.
The New Mexico Horse Breeders’ Association, led by NMHBA president Tom Goncharoff, held a “Town Hall”-style meeting during Zia Festival weekend, July 22-23, at Ruidoso Downs.
Several issues were discussed during the meeting, including the placement of Hip numbers in sale catalogs. Special guests present included Walt Wiggins of the Ruidoso Horse Sale Company and American Quarter Horse Association chief racing officer Janet VanBebber.
Mr. Wiggins discussed how horses are placed in catalogs, saying that it was a simple procedure that was determined totally by random.
“It’s the fairest draw that can take place,” Mr. Wiggins said. He added that he starts off with an alphabetical listing of all the Thoroughbreds, and another alphabetical listing of all the Quarter Horses in the New Mexico-Bred Sale.
“There are 75 Thoroughbreds in the New Mexico-Bred Sale, so there will be 75 numbered poker chips in the hopper, and then we spin it,” Mr. Wiggins said. “The first chip pulled out goes with the first horse on the alphabetical list. The hopper is spun until there are only two horses left.
“It’s really simple, and it’s worked well for us,” he added. “There are no plans to make any changes to this procedure.”
Past NMHBA president Ralph Vincent then led a discussion regarding a Task Force established by the association one year ago.
“I don’t think anyone will disagree that the lack of communication and the lack of a voice
    “We need racing opportunities, and we need them to be consistent.”
– Ralph Vincent
    78 New Mexico Horse Breeder

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