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 Invitation and Enrollment of Names
And now, my dear catechumens, I address you. Your own godparents and teachers and this entire community have spoken in your favor. The Church in the name of Christ accepts their judg- ment and calls you to the Easter Sacraments.
Since you have already heard the call of Christ, you must now ex- press your response to that call clearly and in the presence of the whole Church.
Therefore, do you wish to enter fully into the life of the Church through the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and the Eucharist?
Catechumens: We do/Sí, lo deseamos.
Bishop: Then let their names be offered for enrollment.
Please be seated.
Parishes and then names will be called in order of seating. Seating charts and call lists were provided to parishes.
As the names of the catechumens are called, the pastors and RCIA coordinators lead them to the bishop.
The sponsor accompanies the catechumen on the right.
The pastor or RCIA coordinator presents each catechumen to the bishop by announcing his/her name in a clear, audible voice.
Please follow the directions provided.
Periodically during the calling of the names, the assembly will respond in sung acclamation using the refrain of: You Have Called Us (Farrell) found on the following page.

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