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 Celebration of the Call to Continuing
Conversion The Presentation of the Candidates
On behalf of all responsible for the formation of candidates for Confirmation and
First Eucharist, the Diocesan Director of Formation, Erin McGeever, affirms that the candidates are ready to be called by the Church to full sacramental participation in the life of the Church.
Bishop: Then let the candidates for Confirmation and Eucharist be announced and presented.
Please be seated.
Parishes and then names will be called in order of seating. Seating charts and call lists were provided to parishes.
As the names of the candidates are called, the pastors and RCIA coordinators lead them to the bishop.
The sponsor accompanies the candidate on the right.
The pastor or RCIA coordinator presents each candidate to the bishop by announcing his/her name in a clear, audible voice.
Periodically during the calling of the names, the assembly will respond in sung acclamation using the following refrain:

   10   11   12   13   14