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 Act of Recognition
My dear candidates for full communion, the Church recog- nizes your desire to be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit and to have a place at Christ’s Eucharistic Table. Join with us this Lent in a spirit of repentance. Hear the Lord’s call to conversion and be faithful to your Baptismal Covenant.
Thanks be to God/ Demos gracias a Díos
Sponsors, continue to support these candidates with your guidance and concern. May they see in you a love for the Church and a sincere desire for doing good. Lead them this Lent to the joys of the Easter Mysteries.
Signing of the Book of the Elect
The pastor and/or RCIA coordinator of each parish is invited to come forward to the Bishop’s chair, single file, in order of seating, walking to the altar, going around behind the altar to where Bishop is seated, and Bishop will sign each Book of the Elect. Please place book and step back. The RCIA coordinator returns to seat via the middle aisle.

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