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 When the week starts off sitting astride a giant Longhorn Steer and then giving the mechani- cal bull a shot, and that is the least exciting part of your week, you’ve had a good time. Traveling down to Ft. Worth, Texas, to cook in the Steak Cookoff Association (SCA) World Championship was the thrill of a lifetime. An opportunity to try your skills under pressure and to make new lifelong friends.
Like a scene from Urban Cowboy, my time on top of the mechanical bull Wednesday com- pared to Sissy’s as the crowd began to cheer me on. By the end of the ride, a dozen SCA cookers made their way across the historic Stockyard to give a hoot and a holler. In the crowd was Hank Couch from Millington, TN. I later returned the favor on Sunday as we cheered on his 12th place World Champion Fi- nals finish. Ingrained camaraderie was the prominent theme at the big dance.
Big D' Danny Montgomery and daughter, Christy, turn in Cowtown Classic Steaks
ahead. On Saturday, I’m honored to say he fin- ished ahead by a few solid points in one of the collectively highest scoring heats and became part of a distinguished group of the top 61 cooks in the world.
We were not the only couples cooking head- to-head. John and Carrie “The Duchess” Green (Junction City, AR) battled in the green heat. Carrie cooks on a vintage PK Duchess grill. For any novice cooks, she is the prime target to seek out for advice. Her knowledge runs deep on cooking methods and product performance. She also is straightforward and willing to share the truth when asked for an opinion. As a first-time cook this year, I’ve sought Carrie to ask for her opinion on flavor profiles and found her advice carried over into questions I did not know to ask. Carrie has already won her Golden Ticket and qualified for the 2021
We were fortunate to spend time with Rusty and Jen Weaver on Friday night at the end-of-year awards. Even her pre-schoolers back home got in on the action. She shared photos and videos with her class in Tuscumbia, AL ranging from the Longhorn cattle drive to highlights of all the qualified Alabama teams. Anyone would be fortunate to have that band
Season World Championship. She is looking forward to trying new flavor profiles and cooking methods. If you have a product you’d like someone to try, look her up. Her advice and feedback are priceless.
The beautiful grounds of the Will Rogers Arena provided ample room for tents and trailer cooks. Cooks arrived with the sun Fri-
of kids cheering them on, but none are probably as deserving as the Weavers who manage to make you feel like you are a guest at their kitchen table. Per- haps Jen’s play-by-play reporting will inspire a future generation’s World Champion.
After the awards, it was on to Satur- days’ six semi-final heat. All 300 cooks selected a color-coded chip which in- dicated the assigned 50-person heat. My husband, “Hot Rod” Rodney Jones, and I had the misfortune of pulling the same white heat. We’ve gone head-to- head the previous nine months, and it is always a crapshoot who will finish
World Champion Big D' Danny Montgomery, walks the red carpet with his daughter and son-in-law Rodney and Christy Jones.
day morning to unload on the green lawn and in the shade of the trees. 30 - 40 mph projected wind gust during Saturday’s semi-finals channeled each cook into controlling grill tempera- tures and keeping supplies from blow- ing away. We brought along a secret weapon. My dad, legendary World Champion Pitmaster Big D’ Danny Montgomery, flew into Dallas for a lit- tle bull riding and cook coaching. I doubt either of us ever imagined the tables would turn, and I would go from a turn-in box prepper in the BBQ world to a World Championship steak competitor. It’s been a sweet transi- tion and memorable for us both. - 38
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