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When Pepsi was doing Super Bowl and other ads, they reached out to the largest star of the time, Michael Jackson. That was huge, but not near as creative as Budweiser using bullfrogs to simply say the brand name. From this came other story lines which eventually evolved into lizards. There was merchandise, cartoons and even references to it on major television shows. The marketing and advertising team needed to get something out there that would resonate with their audience and those three frogs did the trick.
Creativity can take many forms but at it’s core is the willingness to step out of the proverbial box and do something different than all the rest. Who would have thought beer could be sold by frogs, yet it was and sales increased. Look at your target audience. Try to be creative in how you let them know why they should use you and your business.
We all like the personal touch. I worked with a girl who loved writing letters. If she had your mailing address (sometimes she would just ask you for it) then you could expect a handwrit- ten note from her. That doesn’t mean she wouldn’t email or send a private message on so- cial media. But to her, she has said on numerous occasions, these mediums of communication are just too impersonal. People would go out of their way just to let her know, “I got your letter in the mail today. Thank you so much! It meant so much.” There didn’t have to be a reason other than Rachel woke up with you on her mind and soon you’d have a letter from her.
The personal touch makes all the difference when it comes to business. Chick-fil-A is great at this. Each team member is always there to refill your drink, clean your table, or just stop by to check on you. We get so used to the everyday “self-checkout” or the computer screen to order. When there is a business who makes the effort to be personal, then that is the busi- ness whose attitude is to grow.
The other day I was on my way to go fishing with a buddy. While headed in that direction, I try to conduct a little work, (Like my Grandmother would say, “Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop,” I try not to sit idle exceptionally long at all). On this particular morning, work was being conducted on the phone. While talking, I passed my turn and went almost two miles before I realized it. All because I was not focused on my direction. This may be an ex- treme example, but it still points to the importance of focus.
Focus aids in giving you direction when you need it. Think of an archer focusing on the tar- get. All other distractions are put aside while he fixes his gaze on the objective. There may
be distractions all around, but the focus does not allow them to interfere with the goal.
Arguably the greatest President, Abraham Lincoln, had the nickname of “Honest Abe” be- cause he had the reputation of simply being honest. We’ve also all heard the adage, “Hon- esty is the best policy,” which is so true. Have you ever told a lie then get all caught up in the dishonesty because it’s hard to keep it all straight (A tangled web we weave when we prac- tice to deceive)? We’ve heard the stories of the dishonest mechanic and wonder why he is still in business. Shareholders of the theme park, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment have been awarded 65 million dollars from a lawsuit in which they claimed SeaWorld Executives were not honest with them about the effects of the movie, Blackfish.
But contrast these examples with companies who have the reputation of being honest and you have examples of companies on the road to success. These companies are the ones who, when products do not live up to what was advertise, they make it right with the cus- tomer. These are the companies who tell their employees never lie to those who come to us. Dishonesty does more damage to a company’s reputation than a bad product would. When you have the attitude of honesty, then you will be able to lay your head down at night know- ing your business, your name has the highest of standards.
Attitude is everything when looking for success, especially in business. This is why they tell us to “dress for success,” “Dress for the career you want not the one you have,” and so many others. It’s amazing how just getting up, taking a shower and putting on something other than gym shorts or pajamas will change your entire attitude as you attack your day. Walking into corporate offices you’ll see those motivational sayings about success such as, “Your atti- tude will determine your altitude.” So, they recognize attitude towards your work will make all the difference. Keep in mind you are the one in control of your outlook on work, family or anything else throughout your day.
Your attitude makes all the difference. It not only sets the tone for your day personally but if you are in a position where people look to you as a leader, or an example, then you set the tone for their day as well. How you interact with people, whether customers or colleagues... others are watching. This list of BE-ATTITUDES is designed so you can walk into your busi- ness ready for success.
After reading these, I hope you recognize you really do determine your attitude when it comes to your approach in business. So, here’s to all the attitude adjustments we’re all mak- ing every day.
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