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 Continue to Learn
It has been widely reported that famed
chef, Julia Child, when asked to speak
at a conference would also attend the
conference. I don’t mean you’d see her
around or doing meet and greets but
would actually sit in on other sessions.
She would move to the front row, note-
book in hand taking notes as the other
speakers spoke. Her philosophy was,
she always wanted to learn how to be better. Sure, it may have been her competitive nature, but she still wanted to be better.
The only way to grow as a cook is to learn. Whoever thought of marinading their steaks until Matt Ouverson did it and became points champion? We all learned from that. Will sueve be the next way to win? Many are testing it out. The point is, we all need to continue to learn as we want to cook better. I spoke to one cook, who has kind of hit a slump lately. He said, I am going to take some classes so I can get out of this slump and become a better cook. When you stop learning, you stop growing. You cease becoming better and get stagnant.
When you have an attitude of winning, get back to the ba- sics and continue to learn, then you will be well on your way to being a winning cook.
Business Partner
Hassell Cattle Company is making great strides and quickly becoming a favorite among our steak competitors. Hassell’s pride themselves on being the “blue collar wagyu” breeding the Japanese wagyu bulls with the Black Angus cows. This method provides a great quality meat which can be afforded by anyone wanting to cook wagyu. Three generations of Texas ranch- ing prove Doug, his family and his team know exactly what they are doing. In their own words, “Konnichiwa, y’all.”
Event Spotlight
As we grow the SCA around the world, we are excited to have events in places we don’t often see. This month we would like to draw some at- tention to Smokin’ on the Buffalo BBQ Crawl Steak Cookoff in Mannington, WV on May 14th. This event will be held at the Mannington Fair- grounds in northern West Virginia and if you have never been to this part of the country, it is beautiful. Keith Todd will be the SCA rep. and Jerry Reel is the promoter if you need more in- formation.
Hassell Ancillary Points Chase
There’s a buzz around the country with more
MAY 2021
and more looking to get their golden tickets for ancillaries. Will Collier and Tona Pendray are leading the pack but the season is still early with the rest of the Top 10 nipping at their heels. Names are continuing to change on the Hassell Top 10 each week. Kyle Matuszewski, Bobby Oliver, Lori Davis are hanging tough in the middle of the pack but are hungry to take over the lead. However,
we can’t count out the rest of the top 10 which includes Kyle Lee, Rylee Wright, Evan Wiederspohn, Joshua Rush, and Jana Mays. This is going to be a blast to watch as we head into summer.
ACE Hardware Points Chase
As hot as the Hassell Ancillary Points Chase is going, the ACE Hardware Points Chase is just as smoking. Marc Siemers is currently holding a 16-point lead over Layne Holmes but as we’ve seen in past seasons, this can change in just a cook or two. We can see Chad Barragan or Jana Mays take over because as we know, this early in the season the points championship is not in the bag. Keep your eye on the rest of the top 10 as Will Collier, Mark Johnson, Sandy Brown, and Cory Rush in the middle of the pack, know how to win. The rest of the top ten, William Whit- field, Bobby Griffin, and Raymond Patterson fight to break a three-way tie. Summer is going to be hot, hot, hot and there will be no A/C to cool it off. - 19

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