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 Ben Arnot
BBQ Podcast Guru
  Based out of Pearland, Texas, Grab Em In The Brisket: A Texas BBQ Pod- cast is the passion project of five bar- becue best friends, James Moore, Jonathan Lathrop, Jan Moore, Aldan Garza and Matt Sorich. That's right. This BBQ Podcast doesn’t have one host. It doesn’t even have two hosts. It has five! They are all members of the competition BBQ team ‘CM Smoke’, and their long standing friendships, camaraderie, and some- times friendly competitive natures carry over into their show.
Now, given the name of the show,
you’d be forgiven for thinking that
the lads like to mix politics with their BBQ, but that is not the case. This is most definitely a BBQ podcast. Their scope ranges all the way from backyard BBQ right through to competition BBQ and they explore different aspects of the industry as well. Most of all, the lads want to entertain you. They are a drinking podcast, and love nothing more than talking about beer, BBQ and having fun. Their goal is to appeal to anyone who has ever fired up a grill.
Their podcast has led them to some fun and exciting opportuni- ties. Firstly, they love to interact with their listeners. It’s a real buzz for them to get involved in what the listeners are up on the grills and in their lives. Quite often, those BBQ stories make their way into the show too, creating a deep connection between the
hosts and their listeners. They have even attracted some big names to their show, including Big Moe Cason and even the big man of podcasting himself - Malcolm Reed! They’ve even had well-known Texan celebri- ties come on the show including Rich O’Toole and Weeman.
Another thing the lads like to do is take their show on the road, and have been invited to some very cool places. They’ve taken the show to dif- ferent events, restaurants and brew- eries. In one of their recent episodes they were very excited to have the opportunity to record at Bakfish
able to combine all three of their
Grab Em In The Brisket launched in July of 2019 and the lads have been busy. In just two years, they have released 94 episodes (at the time of writing). Each episode is about an hour in length so you know there’s plenty of juicy goodness to sink your teeth into. New episodes are published once, sometimes twice a week and are available on all podcasting platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, and YouTube.
Oh, and do yourself a favour and check out their special series on brisket - it’s a listener favourite and definitely worth the listen! - 8
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Grab Em In The Brisket
Brewing - they were literally
loves - BBQ, Beer, and Podcasting!

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