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experience and BBQ accomplishments go to waste. Mike earned the privilege to serve on the KCBS Board for several years and that was culminated by serving three years as the President. He earned the very coveted Ph.B, separating out those who have excelled at BBQ knowledge. Mike worked for Waucoma Livestock and one
of his duties was to cook BBQ at the Iowa State games. During this 15 year period he had some very interesting experiences. He cooked BBQ for President George Busch. Someone tastes all of the President’s food be- fore he eats it. Mike wasn’t sure what he would do if this person declined his BBQ creations, but he didn’t. In fact, highly recom- mended Mike’s BBQ to the Pres- ident. He cooked at West point for the Cadets. He cooked on South Beach in Florida. He cooked for the Vice President in
Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He has served some very important dignitaries during his BBQ career. He is very fortunate to have a supportive wife in Theresa. She realizes Mike’s love for all the aspects of BBQ and she supports him so they can participate in this together. And that is what they have
done for all these years, con- tribute to the BBQ World to- gether. Carolyn Wells, one of the founders of KCBS, has served with Mike as the KCBS President, as a Board Member and as a Rep. She emphasized that Mike and Theresa are an exemplary couple that work hard, they are devoted to each other, and continue to con- tribute to the success of compe- tition BBQ. Carolyn considers them both a “National Treas- ure” and the BBQ World is in- deed fortunate to have them involved.
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