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experimenting in the test kitchen. Ribs packaged in “pork broth” had caught Big D’s eye the last few trips to the gro- cery store. So we decided a trial cook was the main event of the day.
The challenge, test out the brand “Today’s Cut: All Natural Pork Loin Back Ribs” packaged in a pork broth solution. Our goal was simple, determine if the pork broth solution aided the ribs or was a shiny marketing technique. The ex- periment included cooking two other similar-style ribs for comparison. I mean, hey, using a seasoning combo that has many championships had to give this test a sure-fire win for those of us lucky
enough to eat them.
Cooked simultane- ously on the same Gateway Drum Smoker, each rib was put to the test. Prairie Fresh Natu- ral Pork Loin Back Ribs were cooked with the exact recipe as the Today’s Cut brand. Mark pulled out a rack of Compart Duroc ribs as a con- trol. He hit these with a Wasabi Asian flair. (Recipe below)
After a couple of hours on the smoker, they came to a consensus:
• All three ribs had good flavor
• The Prairie Fresh and Compart Duroc ribs cooking time was near identical
• With three racks of ribs, there was no fear my 8-year-old nephew would run out
• The bones of the Today’s Cut ribs were much larger. The texture was similar to a beef rib.
• The Today’s Cut ribs took 20-30 minutes longer cooking time than the other two brands even though trimmed down before cooking.
• The Today’s Cut ribs never reached a “tender” stage. They formed a spiral hanging in the drum smoker that never re- laxed. (Check out Big D’s Q on Instagram for video of the spring action)
• The Today’s Cut ribs packaged in a pork broth solution were not of comparable quality to the other brands.
• Don’t be afraid to use pork brine on ribs if you encounter a meat quality issue. The pork broth did help to keep mois- ture in the meat during the longer cooking time.
• Anything cooked by Mark and Big D’ is delicious
The great thing about Mark’s test kitchen is you never know who will stop by or what new product you will be in- troduced to. Growing up surrounded by champion pitmas- ters, I learned to jump in and throw together simple recipe side dishes and dessert in no time to compliment a meal. I benefited from Mark’s recent hauls from a trip to Mexico and vendors at MIM on this day. First, my cheesy potato
wedges were touched by an angel when Mark let me use his block of Hope Creamery But- ter. This butter is so good you can eat it with a spoon. Next, he added a little kick to the peaches I put on my Smoked Peach Ooey Gooey through Mexican Chamoy powder mix. Chamoy in the powder mix is a mixture of salt, sugar, and chili powder, commonly eat on fruit and ice cream.
Thanks to Mark for hosting us. This is what BBQ is all about, making memories and meals. May your BBQ family be every growing. To follow along with more of my adven- tures, catch the latest photos and videos on Instagram at christy_girl_cooks.
BBQ Ribs:
Season with Big D’s Q G2BBQ, Sweet Swine O’Mine Bar- beque seasoning, and Sweet Swine O’Mine competition sauce for the glaze.
Asian Wasabi Ribs:
Combine 1 teaspoon wasabi paste, 3 Tablespoons Wilson- shire sauce, 1 teaspoon Tabasco sweet & spicy. (Reserve 1/3 of the combination)
Apply to raw meat.
Then, season lightly with 1 layer Spicy White Lightening and 1 layer Sweet Swine O’Mine roasted garlic seasoning.
Take the reserved liquid mixture and add 2 Tablespoons dark molasses and 1 teaspoon Tabasco Sweet and Spicy. Brush over ribs before serving.
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