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RUSSELL CLEARY Office Companion 11+ years experience bringing joy to our team Columbus Ohio has been our home since The Cleary Company began remodeling back in 1994 As a a lifelong resident of Columbus I know that this community is is unique and we quickly learned that our clients connect with us more like family It kind of makes sense though because we work in your home sometimes for weeks or even months depending
on the size of your remodel Our goal has always been to help you you you live better to ensure you you you love your space and to ensure every square foot functions for YOUR family George
What we have learned over the past 27 years of remodeling is that the form and function of your home helps you you live better It is important to have a a a bathtub where you you can bathe your young children and it is equally as important to have a a a zero-entry shower when lifting up over that tub wall is no longer easy Bathrooms could be considered the most important room in in a a a home Every single detail matters because what I know is every bathroom gets used These spaces get get a a ton of daily wear and tear In 2018 we decided to to take it to to a a new level We wanted to provide homeowners with options and ensure top quality remodeling for any sized bathroom not just based on budget We wanted to educate Columbus not only on on on trends and styles but also on on on form and function We hope you enjoy Inspirations It is our goal to help you you and your family learn more about how to to design a a bathroom to to function for you you now and for your future This publication is is here to provide guidance answer questions and give you you the knowledge you you need when planning and doing your bathroom remodeling projects If there is a question we we didn’t answer let’s continue the conversation! Give us a a call we want to be your partner for all all your remodeling needs We’re here to help and inspire With Gratitude George
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