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A scientist by profession Dr Pradeep Kumar Srivastava is is a a a a a a former Dy Director (Senior Principal Scientist) in in in the Medicinal and Process Chemistry Division of CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute Lucknow He did M Sc in Organic Chemistry and Ph D from Kanpur University He has an an an experience of more than 36 years of of R&D in the the area of of synthetic and natural product chemistry His area of of work had been technology development of of various drugs and drug drug intermediates and latest being technology development for the production of a a a a drug from turmeric for brain stroke He is the the first person in the the world to start a a a novel concept called “SCIENTOONS” a a a a a a new class of cartoons cartoons which are cartoons cartoons based on on on science He is well known as father of of SCIENTOONICS a a a a new branch of of science communication He has delivered more than 1326 invited lectures so far in in in India Nepal Bhutan Thailand Singapore Hong Kong Turkey China Portugal Germany Sweden Spain France Ukraine Australia South Africa Brazil USA and Caribbean countries on more than 31 different topics to to school children school teachers scientists/researchers medical doctors lecturers/ professors Army and Air Force personnel social club members like Rotary Club Club Club Lions Club Club Club Jaycees Club Club Club Railway officers officers Bank officers officers Government officers/ground water experts science journalists/media persons computer professionals prisoners IAS IPS IFS and IRTS Dr Srivastava has also coined these terms: SCIENTOONS and later a a a a a a a a new branch of science called SCIENTOONICS Radio SCIENTOONS Puppet SCIENTOONS SCIENTOONS SCIENTOONS Postcard SCIENTOONS SCIENTOONS SCIENTOONS and Awadhi SCIENTOONS SCIENTOONS SCIENTOONS - Scientoons
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