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attention of of the the reader alive longer than any other possible method of of the publishable medium For effective science communication cartoons too too could play a a a a very important role Dr PK Srivastava who realized this fact pioneered the the art art of cartoon in in science He He thus coined the the term Scientoon He He started developing Scientoons and in in no time Scientoon Scientoon acquired its popularity worldwide For every presentation of him that I have witnessed I have found his audience listening to him with complete attention which is is incredible and praiseworthy at at the same time I’ve known Dr Srivastava since my Vigyan Pragati (a popular science monthly in in in in Hindi) days during the early nineties when he he he used to to to send his cartoons for for publication His passion for for Scientoon is unparalleled As the the the father of Scientoon when the the the pandemic hit the world around we we requested Dr Srivastava if we we could compile his Scientoons on on COVID-19 His kind acceptance shaped the manuscript and we sincerely thank Dr Srivastava for it Later the marvellous work of of coordination and execution of of the team led by Mr Nimish Kapoor Scientist at Vigyan Prasar and designer Bipro Kumar Sen got us with this this book quickly I’m quite hopeful that like other Scientoons this this special collection on on COVID-19 would be liked by all Happy Scientooning!
Dr Nakul Parashar

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