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              It is therefore essential to have donning and doffing units for PPEs in hospitals providing treatment for COVID-19 patients.The World Health Organisation (WHO) has set standards for PPE and procedures to be followed for donning and doffing PPE. In resource-constrained settings, innovative designs are needed for rapid deployment of such units.
IBPL, Pune supports Venture Center and BMek develop and
donate infrared digital thermometers
The non-contact IR thermometer is designed and developed by BMek Tech LLP and Protoshop at Venture Center using readily available modules to provide safe and quick temperature measurement of the forehead for primary screening during current COVID-19 emergency.
The design is made available open source wherein the complete knowhow with mass manufacturing ready hardware and software design is available to manufacturers for free.This is an effort to enable a large number of manufacturers to manufacture the thermometers and cater to their local needs. The technical details of this device are available for copying under the Creative Commons–Noncommercial-share Alike License at: http://www.protoshop. in/covid19/
Seven prototype units have been manufactured at Venture Center till date. One unit is being used at NCL Innovation Park gates, one unit at NCL Medical Center and five units were handed over to Pune Police.The design up-gradation is also going on. Now it is getting scaled up in partnership with NCL (National Chemical Laboratory) with BEL (Bharat Electronics Ltd.) Pune.
International Biotech Park Limited’s (IBPL) has generously supported this initiative. IBPL is the first public-private biotechnology park initiative in Maharashtra which is a joint venture between Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) and TCG Real Estate, a 81-acre Park dedicated to biotechnology in the field of Life Sciences, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotech products and process.
A glimpse of activities undertaken for development and distribution of IR thermometer

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