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              hygiene as per the WHO recommended six steps of hand hygiene and notify the variation (or non-compliance) to the authorities/health officer/managers. The product is automated and contactless and is backed by real-time data monitoring.
This innovation has three variants:
• GoassureTM - K series Motion-based hand hygiene
• GoassureTM - P series Specialized tags-based hand hygiene with compliance monitoring
• GoassureTM -O series Opportunity vs.Usage-based hand hygiene monitoring with advanced
compliance management and surveillance. The product has already been deployed at several airports and the company is in the process to deploying more of these at other airports to assure that hand hygiene is the utmost priority.
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DBT-NIBMG, researchers exploring a new therapy for
Dr Sreedhar Chinnaswamy, Intermediate Fellow of Wellcome-DBT India Alliance and Associate Professor at the DBT’s National Institute of Biomedical Genomics (NIBMG) has been working from the last few years to understand the significance of a new class of Interferons (IFNs) called the Lambda IFNs (IFNLs, also referred to as type III IFNs) in human health and disease. IFNs are proteins released by cells in response to invading pathogens, mainly viruses.The IFNLs are important regulators of host innate immunity and are highly active at the epithelial surfaces that include large tracts of respiratory, intestinal, reproductive and also skin tissue.A deficiency of Lambda IFNs causes severe pathology in respiratory viral infections in experimental mice models. Even in the present SARS-CoV-2 infections, a significant role for them is envisaged and a Lambda IFN therapy as a cure for the infection is being discussed (Fig. 1).
Fig. 1: IFNLs can be a potential therapy against COVID-19. Ludmila P-Olsson et al., J Exp Med (2020) 217 (5): e20200653.
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