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              doctors and nurses in the hospital are at the highest risk of getting infected, the team of researchers at ‘IvLabs,’ the robotics lab of VNIT, converted a hospital trolley into an automated robot that can be wirelessly controlled. Such a robot can be used by the hospital staff to deliver food packets and medicines to the COVID-19 patients and maintain a safe distance.The robot is also equipped with a display screen, camera, and a speaker which can be used by the doctors for video communication with the patients.
Website Link: ak-to-help-in-fighting-the-coronavirus-pandemic/
IIT Ropar provides multiple technological interventions to
fight against COVID-19 outbreak
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Ropar develops several technological interventions for combating the COVID-19 pandemic.These include UV-C sterilization box;3-way PPE sterilization unit; doffing station; UV-C-specific sensor development; aerial autonomous system for Touch- me-not environment in COVID-19 wards; intelligent InfraRed Vision System for screening of COVID suspects; low-cost Ambu-bag attachment for Rapid Mass Emergency Deployment (AARMED) as a ventilator; a negative pressure aerosol containment box for reducing infection among healthcare workers in ICU; noble synthetic materials for anti-microbial coatings on PPE kits, and spray for disinfecting tunnels and for fogging purpose.
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Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar
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Noble synthetic material for anti-microbial coatings developed
by IIT Ropar
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Ropar is actively contributing to address the issues related to COVID-19. In this direction, it has developed noble synthetic materials for anti-microbial

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