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The manufacturing sector champions are working on an event in conjunction with Spring National Manufacturing Day. This event is being held on April 5th and is targeted to 8th through 12th grade students. The purpose of the event is to give these students
a hands on opportunity to explore manufacturing careers. They will have the opportunity to visit Helena College’s manufacturing related programs in Machining and Welding. During the visit students will have the opportunity to use machinery to make a small product. Following the tour of the college, students will tour
four local manufacturing companies: Boeing, Marks Lumber, McDantim, and Montana Hydraulics. These tours will each highlight what type of manufacturing the companies perform, the different careers in manufacturing, various career path choices, and what
The Healthcare Committee, through Helena WINS, seeks to bridge the gap between students’ perceptions of the healthcare industry (i.e. doctor or nurse within a hospital setting) and the reality of the healthcare industry (i.e. lab technician with the State of Montana, pharmacy technician with Walmart, medical billing
at a small clinic, etc.). The current committee is made up of professionals from Carroll College, Helena College, Helena Public Schools, the State of Montana (Department of Public Health & Human Services and Department of Labor), St. Peter’s Health, Walmart, among many more.
A conversation has begun to determine how Helena WINS and dedicated employer partners can best break one track minded stigmas and bring more young adults into health related careers they may have
never considered. The target audience for a proposed event is 8th – 12th grade students that may soon, or currently have, have the capacity to earn certi cations
people in these careers enjoy about their jobs.
The sector champions
will plan to participate in
Building Helena from the
Ground Up and will plan
an event targeted at 5th
grade students in the fall.
The champions have also
discussed the various other
related activities happening
in the area relating to manufacturing. Some examples of other activities are the summer jobs program, Helena College’s soft skills seminar, and the International Manufacturing & Trades Event.
and begin working certain positions now. It can then be determined if the chosen career, and possible ladders that may exist, are possible. A proposed event will
take students through a
multitude of job and career
possibilities, in areas they
may have not considered
before, with students from
all over the tri-county area. It will take employer partners and students’ willingness to learn about medical professions outside the mainstream thought to ensure an event of this magnitude and scope will prove successful.
For more information or to learn how an organization may get involved, please contact Wes Feist at wfeist@ ■
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