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Cindy Loacker joined the burgeoning downtown Helena marketplace seven months ago when she opened Beargrass Trading Company on the 400 block of Last Chance Gulch. She sells vintage items and hand-crafted products made in Montana by 45 different artists. Cindy is con dent in her store’s ability to serve the needs of local customers who seek to buy unique, Montana-made items for themselves or for others as gifts.
In an effort to provide exceptional services that the vast online marketplace cannot, Cindy offers
a wide selection of products that
are available immediately in her store; customers can see and feel the quality of the workmanship  rsthand, and smell the soaps and candles. She is intentional about her pricing, regularly checking online shopping sites and maintaining lower prices on her products. Cindy
Boxwoods has been a part of Helena’s locally owned retail community since 2003, but the
 ne homes and lifestyles business changed ownership in 2017 when Danielle Fowler became its new owner. To realize her dream of joining the downtown Helena business community, Danielle relocated Boxwoods to its new home on the 400 block of Last Chance Gulch in January. Boxwoods offers the people of the Helena area a shop where they can purchase high quality furniture, distinctive home accessories, and can avail themselves of a range of exceptional home design services.
Danielle feels the effects of
the rise of online shopping. She frequently  elds phone calls from customers who  nd a piece
goes above and beyond for her customers by providing a variety
of distinctive services: personal shopping; loading and delivery; shipping; and layaway for higher cost items. Cindy keeps a special order book handy for customers who are looking for things that aren’t currently in the store; she will spend time shopping around her network of vendors and shops for that special item. Customers can custom order many of the hand- crafted products in the store, in
the color or design of their choice. They can also shop the store’s social media posts – Cindy regularly posts pictures of new or featured items, and customers can respond to the post via the social media platform or by calling the store, and Cindy will hold the item for pickup or shipping.
Beargrass Trading Company offers customers more than a brick- and-mortar shop – Cindy believes
of furniture or a lighting  xture online, and call to ask if she can match the online price. There
are times when people utilize the expertise of one of the interior designers from Boxwoods, then are never heard from again; Danielle is left to wonder if they made
their purchases online instead of following through with the store.
As a local business owner, Danielle believes  rmly in the comprehensive experience
her store affords its customers
– the experience of excellent, personalized customer service which is irreplaceable, inside
a store well supplied with
unique products in a warm and comfortable shopping environment. You simply cannot replace the personal experience of shopping
Cindy Loacker
she provides an experience for her shoppers; they feel comfortable browsing during their lunch hour,
or after school with their
children, who have a small dedicated area with coloring sheets and activities while mom shops. The personalized service and small- town feel of a shop, where you’re known by name, are key pieces of a local business that are unmatched by the online marketplace.
Danielle Fowler
in a store, and customers can see and feel the quality of the furniture and accessories for themselves, many of which are not available for purchase online.
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