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Construction is underway in the Helena School District with three new Helena Public School campuses on-schedule and within budget
as they enter into their spring construction phases.
“The three schools are between 60% and 70% complete at this
point and on-track for opening this coming summer. While masonry and siding are ongoing, a majority of the current work is internal to the buildings ranging from drywall/ painting to electrical/technological,” said Ream.
The images provide some visual updates including how interior spaces are matching-up to the conceptual renderings. While these spaces are a work in progress, we are well on our way to hit the marks set by our students, educators,
and community. Classrooms are purposefully large with plenty of space for whole-group learning
as well as accommodating individualized academic needs. Each school was designed to ensure learning occurs throughout the
facility and includes collaborative, dynamic breakout spaces between the classrooms and throughout the building.
Closing Ceremonies for each school are set for later this spring as the Helena School District begins to prepare their transition to the new facilities. Opening Ceremonies for each new school will be scheduled for August 23rd and August 24th and will include an open house for the entire community.
Construction is also underway
for East Helena’s new high school, and questions have arisen as to how it would affect schools in Helena. Helena School District Superintendent, Tyler Ream, said that he would not be able to know how attendance at Helena High or Capital High School will be affected.
“Students and parents will have a hard decision to make when it comes to choosing to stay in the Helena School District or to move into East Helena’s new schools,” said Ream.
Ream also
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Helena High
School opens
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for a variety of potential scenarios.
Ream encourages everyone to check out the bond website (https:// for additional information, updates and time-lapse photos of our collective progress.
The Helena School District also would like to thank the Helena community for all of the support that brought these new schools to fruition for the students, families, staff and community. ■
Tyler Ream, Superintendent
Clockwise from top left:
Dynamic breakout spaces between classrooms bring the campus to life as a comprehensive
learning environment.
Shelving and casework is in-process as the new classrooms take shape.
Flexible spaces punctuate each school and allow for everything from community lunches to large-
scale learning spaces.
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