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On-demand phone or video access to doctors.
Perfect for employees whose kids get 170o fevers.
For kids, faking sick is a rite of passage. But once your employees have a Paci cSource health plan, their kids are going to have to get more creative. Because with on-demand access to doctors via phone or video, parents now have the advantage.
Of course, this bene t is also great for those on-the-job or at-home instances when you need a doctor but can’t get an of ce appointment.
In addition to convenient ways to see a doctor, Paci cSource offers plans at competitive rates and bene ts that include:
· $0 preventive care services
· $0 copays on preventive Rx drugs
· Digital ID cards
· $500 accident bene t
· No-cost employee wellness programs · No-cost care management for
employees with chronic conditions · Dedicated account managers
For more information, call (866) 208-7164
or visit us at Paci
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