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H O ME & G A R D E N
Finished basements add space and value!
A  nished basement not only adds extra square footage to enjoy, it boosts the resale value.
More usable space
Family Room. Today’s world puts a lot of demands on us, including time away from our families. Having a dedicated space that brings everyone together can be invaluable. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a room to watch TV, play games or just have a conversation with the kids?
Home Of ce. Many of us have the luxury of working from home. To make it a comfortable work zone, install products that reduce sound and consider installing a mini split roomconditioner to provide the climate control you want.
GuestRoom.Addingabedroomisalwaysagoodidea.Whether you use it for a guest, a child coming back from college or even a nanny, an extra bedroom is always a plus.
Increase Your Home’s Value
With home values on the rise again and interest rates still low, now may be the best time to invest in your home by  nishing the basement. It can add value to your home by adding the extra living space you want while potentially increasing your bottom line when you sell your home.
A nished basement can give you the extra space to expand the comfort and functionality of your home. So consider consulting with Castle Pines Remodeling, experienced Douglas County residents, to help you complete your project safely and ef ciently. We offer in-house design services, work with local mortgage brokers for remodel re nancing and have been remodeling for 20+ years. Let’s build together!
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