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H O ME & G A R D E N
This drought-tolerant native Fernbush is summer-  owering; it will  ower after a winter-time pruning.
In Love With
Flowering Shrubs?
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Don’t forget to give them a little TLC this spring!
Late winter and early spring (before the initia- tion of new growth) is a great time to prune many  owering shrubs to increase vigor and  ower production. But it’s also a great time to eliminate a  ower display for some types of  owering shrubs. Knowing which shrubs adorn your garden and when and how to prune them can make or break a  ower- lled spring.
Flowering shrubs can be divided into two general groups based on how  owers develop: “Spring-Flowering” and “Summer-Flowering.” Spring- owering shrubs produce  owers on stems that grew the pre-
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34develop before fall.
vious season (i.e., 2020
 owers on 2019 stems);
summer- owering shrubs
produce blooms on stems
they grow the same year
(ie, 2020  owers on 2020
stems). If you were to start
pruning a spring- ower-
ing shrub now, you’d be
removing  ower buds—the only surer way than a spring frost to prevent  owers! Instead, prune them shortly after  owering concludes in early summer to allow ample time for new stems to
These bridal-wreath spireas won’t be  owering this year, due to an early winter shearing.

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