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Keep in mind the more suitable the site, the best chance the bulbs and plants will last in the garden. Once you’ve selected the types of plants to grow, deciding where to place them in your garden will be the second task. Most spring blooming bulbs and plants will prefer the cooler soil but sunnier sites of your landscape. Sandy and clayey sandy soil will be suitable for most of these fall planted blooms. Once the weather starts to heat up and other foliage springs back to life, many of these plants will begin to give way to warmer season varieties and other plants requiring hotter temperatures. One thing to keep in mind is that wherever they are planted; provide them the soil, space and light they will need to grow.
Are you curious which types of plants are best suited for your area? Take a look at the plants recommended by Plant Select, which is a resource that can help you choose plants that are known to thrive in speci c areas.
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