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and 336 surface parking spaces. A clubhouse / leasing o ce, a pool, and a dog park are also being proposed. June 2, 2020 - Town Council reviewed the proposal and voted 4-3 to approve the Site Development Plan. The developer has designed a landscape bu er along the northern boundary to provide separation from the single-family homes along this side of the development. Town Council approved the proposal by a vote of 4-3. The developer has since changed the name of the project from Caliber at Terrain to Echelon, in response to feedback from residents in the area. It appears this project is fully approved and underway.
Z’Abbracci’s Restaurant:
Z’Abbracci’s Italian eatery has submitted a formal proposal to the Castle Rock Town Development for façade change to add a take-out window at the front of their restaurant, located at 312 Wilcox Street. This proposal is pending approval. If approved, the restaurant will be able to accommodate fast food and walk-up customers. The owners noticed that during various Castle Rock street festivals, they had great success in walk-up business for their pizzas and other items from their diverse menu.
Millers Landing:
Yetanotherverylarge-scaleprojectforCastleRockisunderway. Sitelocationison
the Northwest side of Plumb Creek, across from Phillip S. Miller Park. Land mitigation
and preliminary grading is complete. The Developer, Citadel Development LLC, has
proposed an ambitious development project to the Town of Castle Rock. The project
will include a full-service hotel with conference space and Class A o ce development.
The bond revenue model includes a 250-room hotel and 480,000 square feet of o ce employment. However, in interviews, the Developer has suggested that the hotel could be larger. For purposes of contractual commitment, the Developer is committing to a pad site for a 250-room hotel with a minimum of 10,000 square feet of conference space. This allows the developer  exibility in seeking a wider range of hoteliers in negotiations. In addition to the hotel and conference space and o ce development, the proposed program includes a mix of retail, entertainment, and food and beverage uses. The Developer has suggested that the retail will be “destination retail” with a focus on uses that are synergistic with both the hotel and the recreation use of Philip S. Miller Park. The goal is that, taken together, the mix of hotel, retail, entertainment, and restaurants will create an “experiential lifestyle district” that is distinct from the other retail and restaurants in the area and will be a unique draw to Castle Rock. The development is organized into four distinct phases, with overlap in years. Phase 1 includes the hotel and the initial retail development. Phase 2 includes the initial o ce development, located in closest proximity to the highway interchange. Finally, Phase 3 is primarily retail, and Phase 4 is primarily o ce with a little retail. There have been recent opportunities via social media, for the public to make comments and submit suggested changes/additions directly to the developer concerning this project. Stay tuned for more information! Once underway, this will be a very visible and high-pro le project for the Town. It will be visible to those traveling along I-25. Here is an active link to a Vimeo Video showing the concept.
Provision Bar Opening Soon:
The new craft cocktail lounge and restaurant is projected to open July 12, 2020. Located at 302 Wilcox Street, contractors are currently changing the façade from old stucco to that of modern brick with large glass windows. The new design of the interior will include leather tile, aged metal, brick and reclaimed wood, all which will create an industrial chic feel. Once completed and open for business, this should be a great addition to Castle Rock!
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