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Create a Little Herb Garden
this Winter
Colorado is one of the sunniest states in the United States with average of over 300 sunny days a year. The growing season can be productive even if short. When the weather changes indicate it’s time to wrap up the outdoor garden, some gardeners use methods like cold frames and frost blankets to extend the growing season. By the time January arrives the skies may still be mostly sunny, but the short days of the year are here and the ground is too cold for plants, or frozen solid. The beginning of the new year  nds us with dormant outdoor garden areas and tools that were put away until January 2022 • Castle Rock “AreaNewsletters”
the next growing season. It’s during this time of year many gardeners begin poring over seed catalogs, planning, plotting, and designing for the warmer weather ahead. If you have a bright, sunny, and warm spot in your home, you may not have to wait until the growing season. Find a pot or pots that you like (and be sure to check for functional drainage holes) and plant a little herb garden.
There are a variety of herbs that can be grown indoors and thrive over the sunny but cold winter months, choose a few of your
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