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favorites and let’s
get started! A local
garden nursery
should have live
herb plants you
can repot, or seeds
for growing your
own from scratch.
If you do not have
a sunny, warm,
south- or west-facing window, grow lights are a good option to provide your garden the light it needs. Either way, be sure to rotate your plants regularly so they receive proper lighting. Most herbs do not like boggy and wet soils so make sure your pots have a good soil mix and proper drainage before planting in or sowing seeds. A good mix can consist of a 50/50 ratio of potting soil and cactus mix. The soil holds moisture and nutrients while the cactus mix allow for drainage. The general care is to provide bright light, maintain soil moisture without drying out or overwatering, and provide a growing space away from drafts and vents.
To get started, place a piece of paper towel in the bottom of the pot to help keep your soil mix in while  lling and planting. Then  ll
it with moistened, not wet, soil. Leave space for planting and watering. Next, plant your live herb plants or sow seeds directly in the growing pot. If starting from seed, follow the instructions on the package for germination and care. If potting live plants, be sure to follow the care instructions and keep the tag. Once the plants are established in their new pots and the seeds have germinated37
and grow several sets of leaves, they can be harvested. Some herbs like rosemary, sage, thyme, and oregano can be grown in pots and moved outdoors when the warmer weather arrives. It’s a quick garden project that can cheer your spirits and keep you supplied with homegrown herbs all year long.
There are a
variety of herbs
that can be
grown indoors
and thrive over
the sunny but
cold winter
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