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Douglas County Conservation District Plant Sale
H O ME & G A R D E N
Gray Days and Winter Malaise
If houseplants are up your alley, be sure to keep water, light, and position in mind. Correct watering is one of the most foundational factors in caring for houseplants. Not only do plant preferences in uence how much water you’ll need to apply, but so do humidity (usually low in wintertime homes), light exposure and the growing medium. One of the most common pitfalls of watering houseplants is to use a schedule versus monitoring plant-need for moisture. A helpful rule of thumb is to water only when soil is dry to the depth of one knuckle. Because of the generally low humidity here in Colorado, plants often dry out more quickly. Grouping plants together to create a micro-climate of increased humidity can be helpful, as can running a humidi er near your houseplants.
Light is another key to keeping houseplants happy and typically the more, the better, especially in winter. Keep in mind, though, that intense direct sun can burn some houseplant leaves—be sure to pay attention to plant preferences when purchasing a plant and place “low-light” plants in an east- or north-facing window. Also remember not to leave tropical plants close to the window on particularly cold nights—some houseplants can be damaged when temperatures drop below 52 degrees Fahrenheit.
No matter which plants are invited in, houseplants 36make home a bit more comforting and refreshing.
hough spring is around the corner, it seems winter has come to stay. The  rst few months of the year can seem the longest--so what’s a restless gardener to do? No matter your circumstance, a little plant-tending can go a long way towards bringing springtime feelings closer! Tending houseplants and starting seeds (both perennials and/or annual  owers and vegetables) make for great late-winter gardening.
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