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H O ME & G A R D E N
Bringing vibrant greens inside certainly helps while we all anticipate the days growing longer and the temperatures going up!
If you’re not the type for houseplants, consid- er starting some seeds inside. Many  owers and vegetables can be grown in a sunny window for transplanting outside after the last frost. Early-mid April can be an ideal time to get tomatoes, peppers, petunias, and zinnias going. For more information, check out PlantTalk ColoradoTM number 1034, at
And if the thought of plants in the house sends shivers down your spine, hope is not lost for spring gardening. The seeds of many native plants and other garden perennials can be sown outdoors (ei- ther in pots or in-place in the garden) in winter and early spring. Many of them, including penstemon and milkweeds, bene t from several weeks of cold to improve germination. Scattering seeds on freshly
fallen snow will even allow you to see where you put them before they sink into the earth with the melting precipitation.
Finally, for an inspiration- lled day of garden- ing-talks and activities, register for the Douglas from the ad on page 8, or at Douglas.extension.colostate. edu. This Symposium is a community-building and family-oriented learning event with hands-on and take-home education and activities, presentations,
and expert advice—so come get your garden on!
For more information, contact the Douglas County Master Gardener help desk: and visit
County Spring Gardening Symposium
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