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It’s heart-wrenching to hear so many accounts of pets being attacked here in Castle Rock. As humans spread into coyote habitats, the odds of encounters between dogs and coyotes skyrocket. These encounters can be deadly, especially for small dogs that make for easy prey.
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Coyote Attacks
are on the rise in Castle Rock
4) Pup-cakes! What’s a Events like this pup-cake? A pancake for
your pup, of course! New this year, participants have the option to fuel up with a pancake breakfast for people and pup-cake breakfast for dogs thanks to our friends from Flippin’ Flapjacks.
help us ensure each animal receives the care they need.
5) It’s fun! Where else can you see a pug dressed like Yoda and retriever in a tutu? Some folks like to go all out and come up with a theme, but even if you and your pups aren’t dressed up, it’s a good time for everyone involved.
6) Did we mention that it’s dog-friendly? C’mon, we ARE the Dumb Friends League, so bring your canine companions! You and your pup can enjoy the walk and dog-friendly festival together. Talk about bonding time! We do ask you leave your non- canine furry friends at home. With 5,000 dogs at the park, your cats, guinea pigs and the like, may not enjoy themselves.
7) Swag. Everyone likes swag, right? When you register for Furry Scurry, you get a cool t-shirt that will let the world know you’re an advocate for animals.
8) It’s a bargain! You get the walk, beer, t-shirt and access to the dog-friendly festival for just $45 if you register today! Prices increase as we get closer to the event, so don’t wait!
9–21,000) You didn’t really think this list would be 21,000 lines long did you? But there are 21,000+ adorable, furry reasons you should register. At the Dumb Friends League, we open our doors to more than 21,000 homeless pets and horses each year—young, old, healthy, ill, injured, lost, surrendered, abused or neglected, we turn no animals away. Events like Furry Scurry help us ensure each animal receives the care they need. When you register for Furry Scurry, you help make all of this possible!
So, what are you waiting for? Visit furryscurry. org and register today! The pets and horses in our care will be forever grateful for your support.
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Veterinarian Supervised A ordable
Preventative Care
Pricing starts at $200 • • 303-654-0560
Pet Waste Removal Service
It is time for a seasonal scooping.
Starting at $7.75/wk
Locally Owned and Operated Since 2005
We’re ready to take care of the build up and then come back to keep your yard in shape.
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