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        Vol 80, No 2
                                                      CANADIAN JOURNAL of OPTOMETRY  |  REVUE CANADIENNE D’OPTOMÉTRIE
        Summer/Été 2018
                                                                   EST. 1939 VOLUME 80 NUMBER 2
        ISSN 0045-5075
        The Canadian Journal of Optometry  is  the  official
        publication of  the Canadian Association of    CONTENTS
        Optometrists  (CAO)  /  La  Revue  canadienne
        d’optométrie  est  la  publication  officielle  de    5   EDITORIAL/ÉDITORIAL
        l’Association canadienne des optométristes (ACO) :
        234 Argyle Avenue, Ottawa ON, K2P 1B9. Phone 613   C  CORPORATE
        235-7924  /  888  263-4676,  fax  613  235-2025,  e-mail,  website  Publications   9   POSITION STATEMENT
        Mail Registration No. 558206 / Envoi de publication   Canadian Association of Optometrists/Canadian Ophthalmological
        – Enregistrement no 558206.                Society Joint Position Statement: Effects of Electronic Screens on
        The Canadian Journal of Optometry /  La Revue    Children’s Vision and Recommendations for Safe Use
        canadienne  d’optométrie   (USPS#0009-364)   is
        published four times per year.
                                              C  CLINICAL RESEARCH
        The CJO*RCO is the official publication of the CAO.  17   REVIEW
        However, opinions and commentaries published in  Review: Ocular Complications of Mosquito-Transmitted Diseases
        the CJO*RCO are not necessarily either the official  Bhagya Segu, OD, MPH, FAAO, Nicole Auchter Riese, OD, Kim Thien Huong
        opinion or policy of CAO unless specifically identified
                                                   Nguyen, OD, Michael Leung, OD, Pat Segu, OD, FAAO
        as such. Because legislation varies from province to
        province, CAO advises optometrists to consult with  31   ENTRY LEVEL OPTOMETRY
        their provincial licensing authority before following  Updating the Competency Profile and Examination Blueprint
        any of the practice management advice offered in   for Entry-Level Optometry in Canada
        CJO*RCO. The CJO*RCO welcomes new advertisers.
                                                   David Cane, B.Sc., Ph.D, Margaret Penny, O.D., M.Ed., Anthony Marini, Ph.D,
        CAO reserves the right to accept or reject any    Tami Hynes, M.B.A
        advertisement submitted for placement in the
                                               I  INNOVATIONS
        La CJO*RCO  est  la  publication  officielle  de  l’ACO.    55   DEALING WITH DISRUPTION
        Les avis et les commentaires publiés dans la CJO*RCO   The Future – Disruptive Optometry
        ne représentent toutefois pas nécessairement la    Dr. Daryan Angle, Grant Larsen, Dr. Alan Ulsifer, Patrice Lacoste
        position  ou  la  politique  officielle  de  l’ACO,  à  moins
                                              65   EMERGING GLAUCOMA TREATMENTS
        qu’il  en  soit  précisé  ainsi.  Étant  donné  que  les  lois
        sont  différentes  d’une  province  à  l’autre,  l’ACO    Innovations and Emerging Therapies in Glaucoma
        conseille aux optométristes de vérifier avec l’organisme   Chris Wroten, O.D., Dipl. ABO
        provincial compétent qui les habilite avant de se con-
        former aux conseils de la CJO*RCO sur la gestion de leurs   P  PRACTICE MANAGEMENT
        activités. La CJO*RCO est prête à accueillir de nouveaux
                                              60   LEGAL RISKS AND TRENDS
        annonceurs. L’ACO se réserve le droit d’accepter ou de    Top Legal Risks and Regulatory Trends Facing Canadian Optometrists
        refuser toute publicité dont on a demandé l’insertion
                                                   BMS Group Healthcare Professionals Insurance Alliance legal team
        dans la CJO*RCO.
                                                   at Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP (Gowlings)
        Editor- in - Chief / Éditeur en chef
        Dr Ralph Chou
        Academic Editors / Rédacteurs académiques
        University of Waterloo, Dr B. Ralph Chou,
        Université de Montréal, Dr Claude Giasson
        Canadian Association of Optometrists/L’Association
        canadienne des optométristes
        Rhona Lahey, Director Marketing and Communications/              On the Cover
        Directrice du marketing et des communications
                                                                         Optometrists should be familiar
        Published by:                                                    with the associated ocular complications
                                                                         in order to effectively diagnose, co-manage,
                                                                         treat, and educate patients who have been
                                                                         infected by mosquito-borne disease.

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