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548 business, finance, and transportation, this same principle controls individuals and
549 determines their economic status.
550 The causes of success in marketing services EFFECTIVELY and permanently,
551 have been clearly described. Unless those causes are studied, analyzed, under-
552 stood and APPLIED, no man can market his services effectively and
553 permanently. Every person must be his own salesman of personal services. The
554 QUALITY and the QUANTITY of service rendered, and the SPIRIT in which
555 it is rendered, determine to a large extent, the price, and the duration of
556 employment. To market Personal services effectively, (which means a permanent
557 market, at a satisfactory price, under pleasant conditions), one must adopt and
558 follow the "QQS" formula which means that QUALITY, plus QUANTITY,
559 plus the proper SPIRIT of cooperation, equals perfect salesmanship of service.
560 Remember the "QQS" formula, but do more –APPLY IT AS A HABIT!
561 Let us analyze the formula to make sure we understand exactly what it means.
562 1. QUALITY of service shall be construed to mean the performance of every
563 detail, in connection with your position, in the most efficient manner possible,
564 with the object of greater efficiency always in mind.
565 2. QUANTITY of service shall be understood to mean the HABIT of rendering
566 all the service of which you are capable, at all times, with the purpose of
567 increasing the amount of service rendered as greater skill is developed through
568 practice and experience. Emphasis is again placed on the word HABIT.
569 3. SPIRIT of service shall be construed to mean the HABIT of agreeable,
570 harmonious conduct which will induce cooperation from associates and fellow
571 employees.
572 Adequacy of QUALITY and QUANTITY of service is not sufficient to maintain
573 a permanent market for your services. The conduct, or the SPIRIT in which you

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