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866 this chapter will be found an adequate description of every principle essential in
867 planning the sale of personal services, including the major attributes of
868 leadership; the most common causes of failure in leadership; a description of the
869 fields of opportunity for leadership; the main causes of failure in all walks of life,
870 and the important questions which should be used in self-analysis. This extensive
871 and detailed presentation of accurate information has been included, because it
872 will be needed by all who must begin the accumulation of riches by marketing
873 personal services. Those who have lost their fortunes, and those who are just
874 beginning to earn money, have nothing but personal services to offer in return
875 for riches, therefore it is essential that they have available the practical
876 information needed to market services to best advantage.
877 The information contained in this chapter will be of great value to all who aspire
878 to attain leadership in any calling. It will be particularly helpful to those aiming to
879 market their services as business or industrial executives.
880 Complete assimilation and understanding of the information here conveyed will
881 be helpful in marketing one's own services, and it will also help one to become
882 more analytical and capable of judging people. The information will be price- less
883 to personnel directors, employment managers, and other executives charged with
884 the selection of employees, and the maintenance of efficient organizations. If you
885 doubt this statement, test its soundness by answering in writing the twenty eight
886 self-analysis questions. That might be both interesting and profitable, even
887 though you do not doubt the soundness of the statement.
888 Now that we have analyzed the principles by which riches may be accumulated,
889 we naturally ask, "where may one find favorable opportunities to apply these
890 principles?" Very well, let us take inventory and see what the United States of
891 America offer the person seeking riches, great or small.
892 To begin with, let us remember, all of us, that we live in a country where every
893 law-abiding citizen enjoys freedom of thought and freedom of deed unequaled

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