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 923 Cost at the breakfast table:
924 Grape Fruit Juice, (From Florida) 02
925 Rippled Wheat Breakfast food (Kansas Farm). ... 02
926 Tea (From China) 02
927 Bananas (From South America) 02
928 Toasted Bread (From Kansas Farm) 01
929 Fresh Country Eggs (From Utah) 07
930 Sugar (From Cuba, or Utah) 02
931 Butter and Cream (From New England) 03
932 Grand total ... .20
933 It is not very difficult to obtain FOOD in a country where two people can have
934 breakfast consisting of all they want or need for a dime a piece! Observe that this
935 simple breakfast was gathered, by some strange form of magic from China,
936 South America, Utah, Kansas and the New England States, and delivered on the
937 breakfast table, ready for consumption, in the very heart of the most crowded
938 city in America, at a cost well within the means of the most humble laborer.
939 The cost included all federal, state and city taxes! (Here is a fact the politicians
940 did not mention when they were crying out to the voters to throw their
941 opponents out of office because the people were being taxed to death).
942 b. SHELTER. This family lives in a comfortable apartment, heated by steam,
943 lighted with electricity, with gas for cooking, all for $65.00 a month. In a smaller
944 city, or a more sparsely settled part of New York City, the same apartment could
945 be had for as low as $20.00 a month.
946 The toast they had for breakfast in the food estimate was toasted on an electric
947 toaster, which cost but a few dollars, the apartment is cleaned with a vacuum

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