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948 sweeper that is run by electricity. Hot and cold water is available, at all times, in
949 the kitchen and the bathroom. The food is kept cool in a refrigerator that is run
950 by electricity. The wife curls her hair, washes her clothes and irons them with
951 easily operated electrical equipment, on power obtained by sticking a plug in the
952 wall. The husband shaves with an electric shaver, and they receive entertainment
953 from all over the world, twenty four hours a day, if they want it, without cost, by
954 merely turning the dial of their radio. There are other conveniences in this
955 apartment, but the foregoing list will give a fair idea of some of the concrete
956 evidences of the freedom we, of America, enjoy. (And this is neither political nor
957 economic propaganda).
958 c. CLOTHING. Anywhere in the United States, the woman of average clothing
959 requirements can dress very comfortably and neatly for less than $200.00 a year,
960 and the average man can dress for the same, or less.
961 Only the three basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter have been
962 mentioned. The average American citizen has other privileges and advantages
963 available in return for modest effort, not exceeding eight hours per day of labor.
964 Among these is the privilege of automobile transportation, with which one can
965 go and come at will, at very small cost.
966 The average American has security of property rights not found in any other
967 country in the world. He can place his surplus money in a bank with the
968 assurance that his government will protect it, and make good to him if the bank
969 fails. If an American citizen wants to travel from one state to another he needs
970 no passport, no one's permission. He may go when he pleases, and return at will.
971 Moreover, he may travel by train, private automobile, bus, airplane, or ship, as
972 his pocketbook permits. In Germany, Russia, Italy, and most of the other
973 European and Oriental countries, the people cannot travel with so much
974 freedom, and at so little cost.
975 We often hear politicians proclaiming the freedom of America, when they solicit
976 votes, but seldom do they take the time or devote sufficient effort to the analysis

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