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1005 Some slight idea of the importance of ORGANIZED CAPITAL may be had by
1006 trying to imagine yourself burdened with the responsibility of collecting, without
1007 the aid of capital, and delivering to the New York City family, the simple
1008 breakfast described.
1009 To supply the tea, you would have to make a trip to China or India, both a very
1010 long way from America. Unless you are an excellent swimmer, you would
1011 become rather tired before making the round trip. Then, too, another problem
1012 would confront you.
1013 What would you use for money, even if you had the physical endurance to swim
1014 the ocean?
1015 To supply the sugar, you would have to take another long swim to Cuba, or a
1016 long walk to the sugar beet section of Utah. But even then, you might come back
1017 without the sugar, because organized effort and money are necessary to produce
1018 sugar, to say nothing of what is required to refine, transport, and deliver it to the
1019 breakfast table anywhere in the United States.
1020 The eggs, you could deliver easily enough from the barn yards near New York
1021 City, but you would have a very long walk to Florida and return, before you
1022 could serve the two glasses of grapefruit juice. You would have another long
1023 walk, to Kansas, or one of the other wheat growing states, when you went after
1024 the four slices of wheat bread.
1025 The Rippled Wheat Biscuits would have to be omitted from the menu, because
1026 they would not be available except through the labor of a trained organization of
1027 men and suitable machinery, ALL OF WHICH CALL FOR CAPITAL.
1028 While resting, you could take off for another little swim down to South America,
1029 where you would pick up a couple of bananas, and on your return, you could
1030 take a short walk to the nearest farm having a dairy and pick up some butter and
1031 cream. Then your New York City family would be ready to sit down and enjoy
1032 breakfast, and you could collect your two dimes for your labor!

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