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1063 dependable philosophy through which individuals may accumulate riches in
1064 whatever amounts they desire.
1065 I have here analyzed the economic advantages of the capitalistic system for the
1066 two-fold purpose of showing:
1067 1. that all who seek riches must recognize and adapt themselves to the system
1068 that controls all approaches to fortunes, large or small, and
1069 2. to present the side of the picture opposite to that being shown by politicians
1070 and demagogues who deliberately becloud the issues they bring up, by referring
1071 to organized capital as if it were something poisonous.
1072 This is a capitalistic country, it was developed through the use of capital, and we
1073 who claim the right to partake of the blessings of freedom and opportunity, we
1074 who seek to accumulate riches here, may as well know that neither riches nor
1075 opportunity would be available to us if ORGANIZED CAPITAL had not
1076 provided these benefits.
1077 For more than twenty years it has been a somewhat popular and growing pastime
1078 for radicals, self-seeking politicians, racketeers, crooked labor leaders, and on
1079 occasion religious leaders, to take pot-shots at "WALL STREET, THE MONEY
1081 The practice became so general that we witnessed during the business
1082 depression, the unbelievable sight of high government officials lining up with the
1083 cheap politicians, and labor leaders, with the openly avowed purpose of
1084 throttling the system which has made Industrial America the richest country on
1085 earth. The line- up was so general and so well organized that it prolonged the
1086 worst depression America has ever known. It cost millions of men their jobs,
1087 because those jobs were inseparably a part of the industrial and capitalistic
1088 system which form the very backbone of the nation.
1089 During this unusual alliance of government officials and self-seeking individuals
1090 who were endeavoring to profit by declaring "open season" on the American

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