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 1.800.621.6649 – www.michelcompany.comIMAGINIQUE FLUSH MOUNT ALBUMSIFCCrystal Style Glass Cover Your image lies beneath a full sized, beveled tempered glass cover, which adds dimension and depth to the photo. The cover may accommodate text and graphics. All is then mounted onto a fne faux leather cover.Classic Full Image LeatherThe full image is wrapped and secured over the front panel of a fne faux leather cover.Cameo Crystal Style  Glass Cover A photo is enclosed inside a tempered glass cover frame, with smooth beveled edges. Then mounted to the center of a fne faux leather cover.Full Leather CoverA full fne faux leather binds this cover, front, back and spine.Leather Cover  with Cameo A fne faux leather front panel, features a window opening.Raised Cameo LeatherA photo is formed into a large, raised cameo, set in the middle of the fne faux leather panel.Exclusive  Flush Mount  Albums from Be amazed by the  professional quality and craftmanship. Be convinced by the incredible do-it-yourself price!Visit  and CLICK on the Imaginique link  to learn what endless possibilities Imaginique can offer. All 6 albums  are available with these popular options:• Black faux leather wrapFor a luxurious, elegant feel.• Seamless gutter spreadsFor dramatic wide views & montages.• Lay fat panoramic page layoutsFlush mount PVC middle inserts.• Create your own look & style Do it yourself, exactly as you wish.• Additional pagesCreate the album you want.• Professional photo quality   Kodak paperOnly the best, always.• Fast delivery, great pricingProfessional, reliable.For additional information,  please call: 1-800-621-6649or visit our website, click Imaginique link.Visit:

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