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ROMA Repositionable Self-Mount Album SizePage  Capacity# of  PrintsBlack CodesBrown Codes2½ x 3½510VEN23-5VEN-BRN23-53 x 3510VEN33-5VEN-BRN33-54 x 5510VEN45-5VEN-BRN45-54 x 61020VEN46-10VEN-BRN46-105 x 51020VEN55-10VEN-BRN55-105 x 71020VEN57-10VEN-BRN57-105 x 71530VEN57-15VEN-BRN57-157 x 51020VEN75-10VEN-BRN75-108 x 81020VEN88-10SQVEN-BRN88-10SQ8 x 81530VEN88-15SQVEN-BRN88-15SQ8 x 82040VEN88-20SQVEN-BRN88-20SQ8 x 101020VEN810-10SQVEN-BRN810-10SQ8 x 101530VEN810-15SQVEN-BRN810-15SQ8 x 102040VEN810-20SQVEN-BRN810-20SQ10 x 101020VEN1010-10SQVEN-BRN1010-10SQ10 x 101530VEN1010-15SQVEN-BRN1010-15SQ10 x 102040VEN1010-20SQVEN-BRN1010-20SQ11 x 141020VEN1114-10SQVEN-BRN1114-10SQ11 x 141530VEN1114-15SQVEN-BRN1114-15SQ11 x 142040VEN1114-20SQVEN-BRN1114-20SQ12 x 121020VEN1212-10SQVEN-BRN1212-10SQ12 x 121530VEN1212-15SQVEN-BRN1212-15SQ12 x 122040VEN1212-20SQVEN-BRN1212-20SQ  Ventura Self-Mount AlbumRoma Self-Mount Album Plain Cover• A sophisticated album featuring square corners and repositionable adhesive.• Available in Black or Brown 5 x 5, 8 x 8, 8 x 10, 10 x 10• Elegant smooth front cover with no window• The Roma Books 1st print starts on the leftAlbum  SizePage  Capacity# of  PrintsBlack CodesBrown Codes5 x 5510ROM-BLK-55-5ROM-BRN-55-51020ROM-BLK-55-10ROM-BRN-55-108 x 81020ROM-BLK-88-10ROM-BRN-88-101530ROM-BLK-88-15ROM-BRN-88-158 x 101020ROM-BLK-810-10ROM-BRN-810-101530ROM-BLK-810-15ROM-BRN-810-1510 x 101020ROM-BLK-1010-10ROM-BRN-1010-101530ROM-BLK-1010-15ROM-BRN-1010-15 VENTURA –Repositionable Self-Mount Album 1.800.621.6649 – www.michelcompany.comThis no nonsense peel & stick album features repositionable adhesive for easy fool-proof mounting. Available in 13 sizes, various capacities and two colors. There are bonus surfaces on inside of front and back covers if needed. Comes packed in its own individual pouch and box. 7 x 5 and smaller plain cover, 8 x 8 and larger with window. First print starts on right. 8 x 8, 10 x 10 = 3 x 3 window opening 11 x 14, 12 x 12 = 4 x 4 window opening 8 x 10 has 3 x 4 window openingREPOSITIONABLE SELF-MOUNT ALBUMS2Great substitute for the Superior Album

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