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Welcome to

            the Paper

            Collection 2018!

            Paper products have been a long-standing promotional favourite
            thanks to their versatility, value for money and ability to get a
            brand seen. Within the pages of this brochure, you’ll find a great
            range of promotional paper products, designed to suit a variety of
            campaigns and uses. From premium quality notebooks to sticky
            notes and the humble notepad, you’re sure to find your perfect
            promotional pad to suit your brand.

            Take a look at our lovely new Wiro Journals on page 11, offering
            you a premium quality notebook at a fantastic price. Plus, we’re
            delighted to introduce our Rivista Notebook on page 13. This
            brilliant book has it all; fantastic styling, amazing branding options
            and exceptional value!

            Icons               We want you to find what you’re looking for quickly. That’s why we’ve
                                designed this brochure to be clear and easy to use. Look out for the
                                following icons while you’re browsing.
                   NEW                            MADE IN BRITAIN
                   Looking for something different?   We have a massive range of products
                   Check out our brand new products   designed, manufactured and branded
                   for 2018!                      in Great Britain.
                   BESTSELLER                     ECO-FRIENDLY
                   A proven winner when it comes to   We have a range of products either
                   promotions, thanks to style, quality   made from recyclable content or
                   and value.                     designed to be recycled.
                   DIGITAL PRINT                  MORE COLOURS
                   Don’t compromise on your brand and   Some of our products are so popular
                   design. We can add full colour digital   that we’ve added more colour options
                   print to a wide range of products.  for 2018, offering you even more choice!
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