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Welcome to the

             Stress & Novelty

             Collection 2018!

            Stress items are a low cost, eye-catching and
            highly visible way to get your company name onto
            your customers’ desktops, and into their hands!
            Within the pages of this brochure you’ll find a huge
            range of stress shapes, designed to suit most
            industries. From animals and automobiles to fruit
            and footballs, we’re sure that you’ll find the perfect
            shape for your next promotion.
            Any shape, any size, any colour!
            Our expert sourcing team are able to find any
            stress shape that you’re looking for, so if your
            desired shape isn’t included in this brochure, don’t
            worry we’ll be able to source it for you! Simply give
            us a call with your requirements and we’ll do the
            rest! Pricing varies from shape to shape, so please
            contact us for details.


            We want you to find what you’re looking for
            quickly. That’s why we’ve designed this brochure
            to be clear and easy to use. Look out for the
            following icons while you’re browsing.
                   NEW                            BESTSELLER
                   Here’s a brand new item for 2018,  There’s a good reason why these
                   offering great quality and fantastic   items are so popular: large branding
                   branding options.              areas and brilliant prices!
                   WHILE STOCKS LAST              UK-STOCKED*
                   You can benefit from a new lower   Items carrying this icon are stocked
                   price on a selection of products with   in the UK, allowing us to print and
                   this icon but only whilst stocks last!  despatch them within our standard
                                                  lead times.
            *All items within this brochure, that don’t display the UK-Stocked icon are available on a 5-6
            week lead-time.
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