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Printflow Moments
“Not another reprint due to colour!”
“I really don’t want to buy a new press”
“Wow! The Colour Doctor’s free* Printflow trial really worked!”
“Grrr... someone must be able to help me with colour!”
“Can Printflow really convert my press to automated ink control?”
“I now have accurate, fully automated colour control from prepress to print”
modernise your press
*subject to site assessment
Printflow from The Colour Doctor works with almost any make of offset press and brings ink and colour under fully automated, preset and CIP3 optional closed-loop control. Contact us to see if your press qualifies for a free trial.
Techkon SpectroDrive is the ideal press-side ISO-compliant bar scanning system to partner with Printflow DC. Variable scan lengths fit any press width.
Available from:
Colour Graphic Services: T: +61 (0) 400 123 398 • E:
S: PO Box 4026, Denistone East, NSW 2112, Australia • W:

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