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Digital print
A gateway to digital success
Digital print is all the rage for label converters right now, but for those just starting out, it can be difficult to make that first step. Fortunately, Gulmen Digital is on hand with a range of gateway technologies that deliver efficiency and top production values without breaking the bank.
Good advice is priceless when it comes to first engaging with digital technology. Many printers and label
converters recognise they need to address the arrival of digital but
are put off by the massive price tag on much of the equipment. They’re also cagey about being sold kit that may not be the right fit for their business. They’re looking for a way in, a user-friendly gateway to the technology and someone who knows the business to guide them.
That’s where Eddie Gulmen, managing director, Gulmen Digital comes in. Running his self-named business, first in engineering through Gulmen Engineering and now in supplying digital technology with Gulmen Digital, he’s has been a fixture of the Australian printing industry for decades. “Since 2002, we’ve been supplying and servicing all types of industrial and small business printing equipment, including sales of new and used equipment,” said Gulmen. “We are at the forefront of providing low- overhead labelling solutions to all types of businesses.”
Recognising the entry dilemma of many printers he set out to assemble a range of what he terms ‘gateway technology,’ equipment designed to help printers and converter to take their first steps into digital with breaking the bank and endangering the business. Bringing his wide experience with label equipment to the table he is helping new entrants move into digital labels, and helping established companies branch out into this vibrant market sector.
Brands to trust
When Gulmen set out to source affordable ‘gateway technology’
for his Australian customers, first stop saw him travel to Wisconsin, USA to visit Colordyne Technologies at their Brookfield production
Supplying gateway technologies for printing business: Eddie Gulmen, Gulmen Digital.
Below: Any-002 is an optimum technology for small batch printing.
plant. The object of his interest was the Colordyne 3600 series inkjet press, the productive flagship of the company. The 3600 series makes
use of Memjet technology, which is frequently found in low-cost digital label equipment, to deliver high- quality print, drastically reduced RIP times, and speeds of up to 2.5 metres per second, complete with a user- friendly interface.
According to Gulmen, the presses’ modular design means they’re easily upgradable to suit the needs of an expanding business. “All Colordyne 3600 Series digital printing press platforms are completely modular and configurable, designed to address a wide range of label and packaging converting applications,” he said.
Also from Colordyne comes the 1600 Series C desktop label printer. Capable of printing roll-to-roll, roll- to-cut and fan-fold, the 1600-C’s single Memjet print head produces high-quality, full-colour labels suited to secondary labelling and automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) applications. Its small footprint means it won’t take
“We are at the forefront of providing low-overhead labelling solutions to all types of businesses.”
up much space on the shop floor, leaving plenty of room for more kit. “It allows for brand owners, private label manufacturers, and converters to print whatever the job calls for, large or small,” said Gulmen.
Using desktop toner
For those who prefer dry toner, Gulmen has sourced the Any-002 desktop label printer from Bitek Technology in Korea. Equipped
with a 600x1200dpi high-resolution colour laser engine, the Any-002 can print more than 3000 labels per hour on continuous media. “The Any-002 is an optimum technology solution for small batch printing,” said Gulmen. “It gives efficiency and cost- saving benefits by printing a variety of colour labels quickly and easily.”
Finishing is a vital part of a
label converter’s operations, and Gulmen offers a number of finishing solutions including the DLD-320, which combines plotting, cutting, slitting and rewinding into a single unit. “The DLD-320 is engineered for quick setup, and smooth and user- friendly operation,” said Gulmen. An unwind mechanical clutch requires no adjustment after being set. The unit comes standard with two cutter heads, but there’s an option to go to four heads. “The optional four-cutter head system is a game changer, increasing the speed up to 50 percent when die cutting. The vacuum operated cutting bed holds the media down when cutting. ”
Gulmen Digital backs these products up with customer support to ensure they keep running smoothly. “We have been working
in the industry for more than 15 years and we still continue to provide technical ability and customer services, thereby decreasing running costs and downtime for our clients’ businesses,” said Gulmen. “Our team of technicians is skilled and talented using advanced machinery to detect flaws and find the right solutions.” 21
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