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Digital print
shines in a W class of its own
Sydney’s Digitalpress has long been at the forefront of
digital printing innovation. Now, with the addition of the
new Fuji Xerox Iridesse press, the bespoke printing house
and its owner Theo Pettaras are able to push the limits of
digital technology in a way they never could before.
hen Theo Pettaras sets his mind to something, it’s difficult for anything to get in his way.
to support us. It’s a great fit for us, and as we continue to grow, we believe they’re the ones to help us with that.”
Pettaras cites the Iridesse’s six colour stations, high speed and high print quality as major advantages. “It’s also incredibly efficient – a lot of our work is short-run bespoke and chopping and changing is very quick,” he says. “When you weigh it all up, the overall benefits of all the different features that the Iridesse has, it’s in
a class of its own compared to any other machine that we’ve seen.”
Making print pop with metallics
A unique selling point of the Iridesse press is its capacity to print using metallic gold and silver toner. Combined with CMYK, the press
Left: In good shape with Iridesse – Theo
Two years ago, he decided to do something about his health, and this year he won two championships in natural body-building. “I’ve learnt from bodybuilding that you have to have a goal and stick to it. It’s taught me about focus,” he says.
Failing to reach his goals – in either his personal or business life – is now no longer an option for Pettaras,
and it’s this drive that led him to replace his aging digital press with the Fuji Xerox Iridesse, launched last year in Bangkok. “We thought about it for a long time, we made careful consideration,” he says. “We’re very happy with our decision, we feel Fuji
Pettaras, owner
of Digitalpress. Xerox has the infrastructure to be able
Bring a new shine to your ideas
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