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can print most Pantone metallic colours, according to Roger Labrum, marketing manager at Fuji Xerox. “The press can underlay silver, gold or white through the first station, then mix this with CMYK colours to create what we call Metallicolours,” he says. “The final station within the press can deliver gold, silver, white and clear as a spot for any embellishment requirements – an industry first.”
“We’re all very passionate, and I’m feeling energised. It’s almost like I’ve started my business all over again.”
Applications for this could include products such as luxury car catalogues, suggests Labrum. “The information sent through from the customer
could be translated into a variable
data brochure full of the customer’s preferences on the vehicle. Fulfilled via the Iridesse, the application would be on-brand, but more importantly, the correct metallic colour of the vehicle would be represented correctly,” he says. “Advertising will form a large
part of the applications this press will deliver to end users. Things like jewellery, cars, watches, fashion – all of these will benefit from the value- add of metallic.”
Pushing the envelope
With the new Iridesse up and running; it is one of the earliest installed in Australia, Pettaras
is upbeat about his company’s
new offerings and the prospect of continuing to work with Fuji Xerox. “We’re really looking forward to the future. We feel that we’ve got some great equipment, great staff who really have a sense of ownership within Digitalpress,” he says. “We’re all very passionate, and I’m feeling energised. It’s almost like I’ve started my business all over again.”
For Fuji Xerox’s part, Labrum is excited about the possibilities that the partnership with Digitalpress could offer for innovation with the Iridesse. “Given the abilities of the Iridesse press, Fuji Xerox is looking to form partnerships with customers wishing to push the absolute limits of the device,” he says. “Working with
Above: Powerful six-pack – inside the Fuji Xerox Iridesse, CMYK plus gold and silver.
Theo Pettaras at Digitalpress yields a perfect opportunity for the Iridesse in shaping a transformation of print.”
Labrum continues: “Understandably, given the recent installation of the device at his facility, Fuji Xerox is committed to supporting Theo with processes and procedures that culminate in some fantastic prints, sometimes purely through the process of trial and error.” 21
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Clockwise from left:
1. “Superior quality,” Peter (right) and Mark Hogan, Hogan Print, with the new Foliant Mercury 530SF
2. Hogan Print’s offices in Artarmon, Sydney.
3. Hogan Print’s new Horizon AFV-566/TV 564 folder from Currie Group.
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